5 Popular Tomato Variates to grow

Tomato is the most common vegetable choice of the gardeners because it fruits throughout the summer and also is one of the high yielding plants. However, the yield depends on the variety of the tomato plant. If you want to make growing tomatoes a satisfying experience you need to know which types are best.  Choosing tomato variety is little tricky as tomatoes have more extensive varieties to offer than any other vegetable or fruit. 

There is enough number of tomato varieties for you to experiment throughout your life and may still be left out with varieties that are not tried. So what tomato varieties are truly rewarding and satisfying for gardeners? When you are deciding the type of tomato you will grow, you need to consider various other factors such as your geographic location, duration of the growing season, conditions of the soil, etc.

Based on the choice of the majority of gardeners there are five popular tomato varieties which can be grown quickly in most of the places which are Sun Gold tomato, Gardeners delight tomato, money-maker tomato, black cherry tomato, and beefsteak tomato. 

Black Cherry Tomato

Black cherry is a cherry tomato in black colour if you have ever seen one. Cherry tomatoes are the top choice of gardeners as they can be grown quickly and needs minimal care and attention. These tomatoes grow throughout the summer. The black cherry tomato is a high yielding plant which means you will end up with a lot of vegetables to harvest. These tomatoes are good for canning and salads or can be just eaten raw and have a sweet taste. So, if you are a salad person or growing tomatoes for commercial canning purpose, black cherry is the one for you.

Beefsteak Tomato

Beefsteak is one of the popular varieties of tomato to grow and is preferred by most of the home gardeners. The tomatoes are deep red in colour, has a fleshy centre, is large in size and is slightly ribbed. These tomatoes have a delicious sweet taste. The beefsteak tomatoes can be used in salads, sandwiches and are suitable for cooking too which makes them the top choice of home gardeners. The tomatoes are useful for making pastes and sauces. 

Beefsteak tomato can either be a bushy type or a wild variety. However, many gardeners feel that the fruit is smaller indeterminate variety when compared to indeterminate variety. Each tomato weighs a pound approximately making it one of the big sized tomato variety.

Sun Gold Tomato

This cherry is definitely worth growing every year in every garden.

Sungold tomato variety is most popular which the whole family will love to eat. The fruit is small and sweet and can be enjoyed eating raw or in salads. The variety is crossbred between two parent first generation tomato plants. The fruit is often liked by children for the sweet taste. These tomato plants grow wild and are high yielding variety. The plant fruits throughout the season and has excellent disease resistance. However, the plants cannot withstand extreme cold and frost conditions.

Gardeners Delight Tomato

 Gardeners delight is a variety that is liked by people who want tomatoes to taste tangy. The tomato is cherry sized and is ideal for salads and sandwiches at the flavor of the fruit is tangy. The tomato variety is reliable and can be grown both outsides and in greenhouses. The tomato variety is an indeterminate one and grows wild while yielding plenty of fruit throughout the season. 

Money Maker Tomato

Money-maker variety of tomato is an indeterminate plant which continues to grow throughout the summer. The fruiting season being long gardeners can harvest plenty of fresh tomatoes till the first frost. The money maker is reputed for bearing fruits for an extended period. The fruits are medium-sized and are suitable for both fresh use, preserves, and sauces. The plant produces best in warm and frost-free weather conditions. Seeds can be sowed inside greenhouses or homes in, and the plant can be transferred to soil or pots outdoors in late spring.

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